Frequently Asked Questions

We connect people and places. We know you have questions, so we’ve prepared a list of answers to help you plan your next QRide.

Installing the QRide app

Where do I find the QRide app?

To download the QRide app click here or simply search for "QRide - Shared Electric Scooters" on the App Store or on the Google Play Store.

Do I need to pay to download the QRide app?

No, it’s totally free.

How to Ride?

Who can use QRide?

Anyone older than 18 years with an Android smartphone or iPhone.

Where may I ride?

Whenever possible, use bike lanes and always use the lane further to the right.

How do I find a QRide e-vehicle?

Install the app and sign up. The map then will show you which QRide e-vehicles are available in your area.

How do I unlock the QRide e-vehicle

To unlock your ride, open the QRide app and scan the QR code using your phone’s camera or enter the 4-digit code that’s below the QR code. If it's dark out you can turn on the flashlight before scanning.

Will you be expanding your service area?

Yes. Currently our service area is as big as it can be. If we'd make it any bigger without putting more e-vehicles on the street the system would be too diluted and the e-vehicles inaccessible.

Can I rent multiple e-vehicles from one account?

Sorry, you can only rent one e-vehicle for yourself. Your friends and family will need their own account.

Do your e-vehicles have any speed restrictions and what is their top speed?

QRide e-vehicles can speed up to 25 km/h.

How many people can ride the same QRide e-vehicle at once?

Each e-vehicle is exclusively for one person. QRide e-vehicles are not built for being used by more than one person at a time (maximum weight: 100 kg).

Can I ride an QRide e-vehicle in any weather?

It’s safe to ride QRide e-vehicles even when it’s raining, as long as it’s not heavy rain or weather that limits the driver's vision. Please be aware of slippery roads and bike lanes.

What should I do before I start my ride?

Before you start riding your QRide e-vehicle, there’s a verification process that you should follow to ensure everything is working properly:

  • Verify the brakes
  • Verify lights
  • Verify tires
  • Verify if the QRide e-vehicle is damaged
If you find anything damaged or not working, please report it to

What should I also pay attention to?

Don’t ride over speed bumps, thresholds, or other bumps at high speed. Watch your speed when traveling downhill. Use both brakes together when traveling at high speed. Don’t press the throttle when walking with the QRide e-vehicle. Don’t rotate the handle violently while driving at high speed. Don’t ride through puddles or other bodies of water deeper than 2 cm. Don’t take your hands off the handlebar while riding. Do not ride with one hand only. Don’t ride up and down stairs or jump over obstacles. Don’t text and ride.

What about the helmet?

We strongly advise wearing a helmet. Please ride safely and respectfully in accordance with local law and regulations.

How do I start riding an e-vehicle?

To start, if it's an e-scooter you wish to ride on, step on the QRide e-scooter with one foot and push off with the other to start moving. Put your other foot on the footrest to hold a stable position, then press the right-hand throttle to speed up. If it's an e-bike, simply get on the bicycle and press the right-hand throttle to speed up as you cycle away!

Note: To turn, shift your body weight and turn the handle slightly.

How do I slow down or brake with a QRide e-vehicle?

To slow down and brake, release the throttle and gently squeeze the brakes. You can also use the foot brake on the back wheel.

Can I pause my ride?

Not yet, but this feature will soon be released!

What should I do if my QRide e-vehicle runs out of battery?

Stop the e-vehicle and slide to end your ride on the app. Then find a new QRide e-vehicle nearby and start a new ride. Do not try to charge an QRide e-vehicle, only our certified agents can and know how to do it.

Where may I park the QRide e-vehicle when I end my ride?

When you park your e-vehicle, make sure to:

  • Please ensure the e-vehicle is parked upright.
  • Keep a minimum five-foot clearance zone for pedestrians.
  • Park on public sidewalks, the designated public area between the sidewalk and the curb, or at a bike rack.
  • Please park your e-vehicle within the area between the curb and the sidewalk if one exists.
  • Do not block private property, driveways, bikeshare stations, or access to transit stops and shelters.
  • Do not block the travel area for other vehicles.
  • Do not park the e-vehicle outside of any protected tree planting or landscaped area.

How do I check my ride history?

You can always see your travel history in the “My Rides” section of the QRide app.

What should I do in case of an accident?

If you are involved in an accident that has caused physical injury to you, other persons or your QRide e-vehicle, contact the support center at If you have a serious accident contact the local emergency number 112. After you are in a safe condition and have contacted local authorities, contact us at +46 7__________.

How do I report a malfunctioning QRide e-vehicle?

To report a broken or improperly parked e-vehicle, tap the ⚠️ icon on the app and let us know what’s wrong.

What are your Terms of Service?

Check them out here.

Price & Payment

How much does it cost to ride a QRide e-vehicle?

The starting fee is __ kr. and you pay __ kr. per minute. For example, a 10 minute ride would be ___ kr.

How do I pay?

You may save a credit card on the app for later payments to pay for your rides.


Why do I have to share my GPS location with QRide?

We ask that you share your GPS location so you can find the QRide e-vehicle closest to you on the map.

Why do I have to give camera access to QRide?

We request camera-access to enable the unlocking of the QRide e-vehicle via QR code.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Check it out here.

Need more help?

Message us at